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"When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it."

Akinboye Julius is an MCITP, Network Analyst, Forex Trader, WiFi Believer, Autodidact, Philosopher, Developer and an Entrepreneur at heart...

Some call me Nerd, Some call me Geek, Some call me Genius, Some say i'm an Introvert, Some call me Quirky. 
I'm AJ and I once replaced my desk chair with an exercise bike, so you think its weird? 
You can define me too...

All things Tech, Finance and Law in Africa, Amazing Trivia, Fun Facts, Astonishing Top 10s, Shocking News, Cool Articles, Open Forums, Captivating Photos and Inspiring Quotes all with AJ.

AJ and Sarah Isaacs Photography at Table Mountain CapeTown, SA.