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Lesson to Learn From Nigeria vs Morocco CHAN match

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch the Nigeria vs Morocco match in the ongoing CHAN (African Nations Championship).
First half of play was zero to three (0-3) against Nigeria.

But the story changed when Nigeria equalized with 3 goals in its second half, and scoring 1 more goal in extra time (4-3) to win the game many thought they've lost.

The win no doubt left many overwhelmed.

Looking at what might have made them win;
I will say the coach have done a great job in the break at half-time giving the players strategic information and also give kudos to the players for been a good listener and for their play.

For some, this might just be another football game played.
But for me, I'll say there is a great lesson to learn here.

In life we strive to achieve goals, but after tries, we fail.
This shouldn't lead to relent in the race. Rather, we might need to check within us to know what the reason of the failure is, find a solution to it, and if not, we can request for help from where appropriate and keep the persistence cap on till success is achieved.

"That shiny sword you see, have gone through lots in the hands of the Bladesmith, but yet comes out shining and useful"

Never you relent or give up in all you do no matter what, strive to be persistent and success awaits you.


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