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Are You a Lady with the First Love Childhood Fantasy?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hard as it might sound, there's nothing special in marrying your first love....
What is special, is marrying a good man or woman...
Except your first love is a decent man or woman, you have no business getting stuck in a bad relationship because you want to fufill a childhood fantasy or a promise you made to yourself.
Even if he or she was the one who took your virginity, its no big deal, you must not marry a man or woman who did and if your virginity was that important to you, you certainly would have waited till your wedding night.
Don't misinterpret me, its honourable before God and man to keep one's self till marriage but that does not guarantee a successful marriage, so don't die if you have lost it to anyone. Forgive yourself and move on.
First love or last love, what is important is being with the right person!


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