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PHOTOS: Nigerian Man Proposes To Fiancee On Arik Air

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I guess this is romantic and many ladies will love it. But he has heart i'll say, because to do this kind of thing on air where a lot of people are busy praying that their plane should not get missing or anything like that.

The young man was given a different seat from his fiancée on the trip but that still did not stop him as he left his seat and walk down to hers, brought out a ring and, as usual, the girl said YES! See more pix below…

This is what happens when you watch too much Hollywood romance movies.

Check out my adaptation of the whole drama.
This is how plane crash happens, instead of allowing the pilot to focus on the flight, he and crew would all be interested in the lover boy's escapade. I still see sense in what he did though because at that height, it will be impossible for a lady to say no knowing that you could get angry and throw her off the plane. Lol.
He sure had lots of time on his hands to plan this.

Can I do this? Not sure

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