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What Kind of Man Are You To Your Wife?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I will be speaking on the 3 TYPES OF MEN ON EARTH:

(1) THE HUNTER: A man who marry's a woman and makes her a full time house wife, thereby caging her.. And makes her a total slave and stranger.

(2) THE SCAVENGER: A man that gathers the weakness of a woman and use it against her, and torments her.

(3) THE GARDENER: A man that grooms and coaches a woman and makes her a better person. No matter how imperfect she is, He cherish, love, and appreciates her, And also corrects her mistakes...

Now the question is...
What kind of man are you?
And the ladies...
What kind of man do you want to settle down with?
Some men can be so impossible.
Look Before You Reap!

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