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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The clatter of spoons against the plates of food on the dinner drowns the voice wailing in his mind, he is not enjoying the meal; of course it tastes great, they had ordered it from KFC, but the thought of Mariam's reply to his proposal has got him blown out and down, he hadn't prepared his mind for a negative response...and it is killing him 'dead'
Paul sticks his fork into his friend's piece of chicken with no signs of disapproval relayed...this must be serious.

"What is wrong with you? You have been like this since you got back from the office." Paul asked, letting go of the fork. "What's up buddy, talk to me."
As expected, he got no reply, and then he knew what the problem was...nothing else gets Deyemi in this mood.
" that babe, Maria?" Deyemi sighed, and that gave Paul the answer he needed.

"Brother, love no fit you o, look how you are sulking over a plate of delicious fried rice just because of a girl, she ain't even dating you yet, and you are feeling this way...what would become of you if she dumped you?" Paul teased with laughter. "You wey like chicken like say na your life, you just dey look me as i wan collect am chop...guy man up and chase some other Oluchi...she is good you know, and she likes you."
There was silence for a while...Deyemi let his fork drop on the plate...
"Mariam has taken a greater part of my heart..." Paul burst into laughter, but Deyemi isn't bothered, he went on.
"...I just don't know how to go on without her, Paul, like a virus in my system, she has eaten me up...the whole of me."
there was another moment of silence, Paul could feel the laughter coming, he tried holding it down there, in his stomach, but whenever he tried to speak, it comes rushing and he had to stop or else he would hit the ground before he's done...too late...he fell off the chair and almost broke his neck in laughter -Deyemi still doesn't care.
"You can laugh all you want, the truth is that i am in love with..."
"Shut up jare make i hear word!..." Paul said, getting on his feet.
"...I get the feeling say this girl go wor-wor..."
"-Hell, she is pretty!" Deyemi defended.
"Whatever!...why then you never bring am come house make i for see am...she fine pass my Felicia?...i bet not...look, my point is, move have been on this girl's matter for three months now."
Though Deyemi is tall, handsome and comfortable, he was never the type to flirt around with women, unlike Paul, the Casanova; Paul is the perfect definition of playboy, he has collection of picture, nude, of all the girls he has slept with, all...without their knowledge too. And he sees that as fun, has videos too, but only keeps the best collections. Deyemi's mood was killing the night for him and he wasn't enjoying it. There was no way Deyemi would agree to go to the night club in that mood, they had never missed clubbing every night since they became flat-mates two years ago except for the month before when Deyemi had declared his love for Mariam.
"See, Mariam na past tense...make i show you my latest collection..." Paul said, picking his phone off the table.
"What?!..." Deyemi screamed with wide eyes...
Paul laughed as he unlocks the phone.
"Whose picture do you have this time?"
"You mean whose video?...Felicia's of course."
"I don't believe you, you just met her four days ago."
"I am telling you...the girl is so cheap...and so far, she tops my favorite video collections. I told you of how i met her at the supermarket and how we ended up at the eatery down street and then how she asked for my number when we were about parting... look, see the shawty, hot, never deleting this video for life, never!."
He walked up to his friend and they watched it together.
Paul must have carefully planted the phone in a position so that it picked only the girl and he avoided looking in that direction all through the act. He was glad Deyemi's mood was living up a bit.
Deyemi's smile faded into a tensed look, and then disgust, he just wouldn't take his eyes off the phone.
"Shey you see how she dey whine me for there, the girl bad, but it's a pity she's so cheap. I go do her one more time before i throway her." He bragged.
Felicia kept moaning aloud, so loud...and when she was almost getting there, she screamed drained voiced... "i love you Paul..."
Done with the video, Paul attempts to take the phone back, but Deyemi has got it tightly gripped...Paul tried again... Deyemi snatches it off his hand, rose to his feet and smashed the phone against the wall...
"F*ck it, man!!" Deyemi screamed.
Paul was in total shock, he just kept looking between Deyemi and the scrapped phone on the ground across the dinner.
"What did you do that for?..What has gotten into you, man?"
Deyemi turned to his friend with a straight face, calm and sign of anger in his voice.
"Am sorry for my out-burst, Paul...she went on a date with you on the first day you met her, true. She gave her number to you, made out with her on first visit, so true...and you have a video of it too, but i am telling it to your face, she is not cheap!"
Paul is shocked, he just cannot believe his just doesn't make sense.
"Like seriously? That is your reason for smashing into pieces my Samsung galaxy s5?...for calling my cheap chick cheap?..."
Deyemi grabs Paul by the neck with his left hand and pushed him against the wall with his right hand rolled into a fist, hanging in mid-air.
"Don't you ever call her cheap!!"
Paul was struggling to breathe, his eyes red and swollen...Deyemi was breathing hard, his chest rising and falling as he tried to control his emotions...slowly, he lets go of his friend's neck...
"That is Mariam in your video."
"What?!...that is Felicia...have you gone mad? What has she given you to eat, man?"
"I am telling you, man, that was Mariam you screwed in that video. I am so obsessed with her that i will point out her silhouette out of a dozen others...She is an editor in Newsline Newspapers, yeah?" Deyemi demanded.
Paul was silent, he couldn't believe his ears...This cannot be! He is in shock. Now it all made sense to him...
"Damn it!... I should have known, on her complimentary card is FELICIA. M. ENYI...i didn't ask what the 'M' stood for, i didn't think it mattered.
"Of course it didn't matter up until now, who knew this was going to happen?...and i have never introduced her to you before..." Deyemi said.
"...i have been on her for months now, i thought she was turning me down for an older man who was always coming to see her at the office until i found out she walked him out sometime last two weeks."
"Am so sorry man..."
"What for? didn't know...she fell for know well enough how much i have spent on her, yet she wouldn't even give me a proper hug. She turned down a house plus car offer from the minister...and she let you in, in just four days and you call her cheap, so retarded of you."
"how was i supposed to know all that?"
"You did not have to."

Well, this is AJ, and to all out there...
That cheap girl you made out with the very day or week you met her, has someone out who have been begging for her attention for months and even years... hence, they tagged her 'playing hard to get'...
So, try to stay clear disclosing the private to the public if you're opportune to have such person.

This is a fictional story write up, names and story are not directed at anyone.

Story Source: Reginald Literal Meditation

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