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Some Reasons Why Your Man Acts Like He Doesn't Care About You

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dear Ladies,
I would like to open your eyes to some of the reasons why your man act like he doesn't care about you.

Why did that man, after shopping for you once, take the decision to stop buying things for you?

I am sure you are not happy about it because I know that every woman desires that man who can make her feel like a queen.
Every woman prays for that man who will bring something home after work and who can see something and instantly buy it for her because he knows she deserves it.

To tell you the truth, the man knows you should have that thing but he doesn't want to get it for you. It is not because he has no money to purchase it; he just wouldn't want to be scolded like a son or get verbally abused for not getting it right.
How many times have you talked down on him for picking "the wrong thing" for you?
How many times have you asked him to help with bread only for you to go on reminding him that he got the wrong one?
Did you remember the day he got you a boot-cut jean, only for you to tell him how backward he is?
What about the day he bought you a black bra and right there before him, you asked how much he got it after which you told him that you have a particular brand you use?

The problem here is that a good number of ladies have turned their husband to their last son.
Every man wants to be treated with some level of respect, appreciation, and acceptance. If you cannot respect and trust him for leadership, don't get into that marriage with him.
But the very day you say 'I do', he must take the lead.
Men are strong, but that's just on the outside. They get broken by little things. A little appreciation of that little gift will spur him to go out of his way to earn more praise.
Accept whatever your husband gives you and be content with it.
Make him feel like that 'Secret Possession' lingerie is from 'La Senza' or 'Victoria Secret'.

You are not getting some beautiful gifts from him because the last time he did, you made him feel miserable through the week.
If you think you should receive more, you must have a heart that is thankful.

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