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Automatically Add Voice Watermark, Music Art And Tag To Mp3 Files Online.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If you are an Entertainment blogger or music website owner, you will agree with me that its not really an easy task to edit Mp3 tags and add voice watermark.
Well, today I will be introducing a service that makes the job fast and easy.
Its an Online Mp3 Tag Editor.
Its Job?
1. You can automatically add voice watermark to a music file.
2. It allows ease of tag editing to a music file
3. You can automatically add your music art and many more.

All you need is the (.mp3) file direct link and your (.jpg/.png/.gif) music art direct link.

Once you input the above links and fill the tags needed, your mp3 file will be converted immediately and you will be able to download the newly tagged file.

You also have the option to host the service on your designated domain for FREE.

To tag those mp3 files today, visit

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