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See Some Male Stereotypes Which Are Totally False

Friday, June 26, 2015

Women get sick and tired of being stereotyped and hearing how they all nag, they all gossip and they all love to shop, but men too, get stereotyped in ways that are unfair and not always true. We humans love to try to pigeonhole people and put them into readily identifiable groups, but the truth is that we are all different and none of us can really fit neatly into any one single category. If you are fed up of being classed as a typical woman, then spare a thought for the men and think about these ten male stereotypes that we should all stop believing.

1. They only ever think about one thing

It is true that guys do think about lovemaking a lot, but then so do many women too. Men certainly do not think about physical intimacy every waking second of the day and they do not see women merely as sex objects either. Do you really think a guy is thinking about sex when he has a tooth pulled by a female dentist, or is being pulled up for speeding by a female police officer? We doubt it.

2. They all love sports

Another one of popular male stereotypes that we should all stop believing is that all men love football. A lot of guys actually have no interest in watching sports at all and the invention of the sports bar was the worst idea ever for a lot of men. This idea that men love sports is perpetuated by some men themselves, but the truth is that a lot of men would rather watch nothing at all on TV, rather than watch a football game.

3. They never listen to what a woman says

A lot of men want to hear what you have to say and, get them alone, and men can be the best and the most sympathetic listeners there are. There are rude people of both genders though, who tune out when they are not really interested in a conversation, but perhaps women are just better at feigning interest?

4. They would cheat, given half the chance

Next one of male stereotypes that we should all stop believing is that all men are cheaters. If you have ever been cheated on, then it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all guys are cheaters and, if they haven’t cheated yet they would, if they got the chance to. There are plenty of men in the world who have been hurt too, and cheating is not the sole preserve of males of our species, by a long way.

5. They are always self-confident

Another one of male stereotypes is that all men are super self-confident. Men suffer from nerves and lack of self-confidence just as much, as women do. Like many of the male stereotypes, this one is pounded into men from an early age, as they are taught not to show their fears, tears and feelings. Behind the façade, though, there could be a very shy man hiding. If a guy that you really like has yet to make a move, don’t assume that he doesn’t like you at all; he could just be too shy to ask you out on a date.

6. They can’t do any household chores

There are the guys who got lucky and moved straight out of their parents’ house and into a home with a girl who took on all the chores for him, just like his mother used to do. Most guys, though, know perfectly well how to iron a shirt, clean the dishes and use a washing machine. Mind you, there are also a lot of guys who will be quite happy to pretend that they don’t, if you let them get away with it.

7. They are intimidated by a strong woman

Here is another one of popular male stereotypes: men are are intimidated by strong women. If a guy doesn’t want to be with a successful, over-confident and overpowering woman, then it is most likely that he just doesn’t find her attractive and nothing to do with him feeling intimidated. Overbearing people of both genders are pretty unattractive, and saying that other people find them intimidating is exactly the kind of thing you would expect from that type of person.

8. They all need a woman to pick out their clothes for them

We have all met a guy who would wear the same pair of jeans day in and day out if they could, but they really aren’t all that way. There are guys, though, who would happily go shopping with you and would probably spend more time in the designer stores than you would!

9. They are all kids at heart

Good men take their responsibilities very seriously indeed and they lose their childishness pretty early on in life. Mind you, you have to admit that it is pretty cute when they do let that grown up front come down occasionally and then, yeah, most of them do still remember how to be a kid.

10. They all like to hang out with their buddies and get drunk

The image of the dutiful wife chastising her husband who has come home late and drunk, is another stereotypical picture that is simply not true of all men. A lot of men hate getting drunk, because they know they will lose control. Not all men want to spend their time hanging out with their buddies either, they would rather get home to their family at a decent hour and sober, so they can go to work the next day without a headache.

What other male stereotypes should we all stop believing?

Stay happy!

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