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7 Ways to Detect Fake Nigerian Currency

Thursday, July 23, 2015

1)The Texture Is Softer Than Usual if it's not relatively a new note. It Looks Dull And Brownish While Some Come Like Really New Notes But The Front And Back Colours Are Too Sharp Or Too Dull.

2)The Images Of Our Former Presidents, Look Awkward And Funny; The Drawing Is Totally Different From That On The Original Note.

3) If Immersed In Water The Fake Note Instantly Changes Colour and becomes extremely messed up ;infact it like paper màche(one scratch or hold will tear it into pieces).

4) if examined under a blue light...florescent or bulb it will be very clear with the CBN not indicated inside the note like the original and the silver stripe with CBN along the note is absent. 

5)There is a gold panel by the extreme right side of the note ...If you scratch that of a fake note it will peel but if you scratch that of the original note it will not peel

6) Finally, people who spend fake notes most times purchase items of low price so as to collect change of original notes ;they just want to get rid of the fake notes and most of the fake notes are #1,000

7)Finally, pinch..scratch...
examine under light..dip in water...
look out for CBN written in the note and CBN written on the silver panel stripe along the note and the texture; presidential pictures are all good factors to detect fake notes.

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