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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What is BTCNaira?

BTCNaira is a simple realtime Bitcoin and Ethereum value converter, where you can enter any amount of Bitcoins or Ethereum and get it turned into Naira accordingly with the average market value. All you have to do to use the BTCNaira converter is to enter a Bitcoin or Ethereum amount, for example 1.2365 and you will get to know how much it is worth. It is also possible to change the currency it is exchanged against to Dollars, British pounds and Euro if you prefer to get to know the value in any of these currencies instead, and you also get to know these currencies value to the Naira on the fly.

The BTCNaira Bitcoin and Ethereum converter collects prices from some of the largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange sites and calculates the price from that and tells you what the amount you entered will be worth on average and also its exchange rate to the Naira. You get the option to select any of the exchange site prices, so if you hold your Bitcoins or Ethereum there, you will have an idea about what you can expect to get paid for it. It is very simple to use and the prices are updated every time that the market changes in any way.
When you use the service you have to remember that the prices are market average prices, so it is not completely certain that you will get this amount exactly, but it should be very close to the amount unless a fast drop in the value occurs. 
Aside been a converter, you also get to stay updated on Cryptocurrency News, Where to Buy or Sell and lots more.

Where Do BTCNaira Gather Price Information From?

BTCNaira collects price data from some of the biggest exchanges in Nigeria and the World to determine current price, who provides them with constant updates of the market prices for Bitcoins and Ethereum in their exchange. The sites that BTCNaira takes the numbers from includes Luno, LocalBitcoins, Bitstamp, and more.

As mentioned earlier you are provided the option to select your preferred exchange rate source by clicking the settings icon, making it possible to see the exact value from one or more of the exchange sites.

Visit or download their app on Google Play Store by clicking here.


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