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JOKE OF THE DAY: The Real Stress

Saturday, February 1, 2014

What is STRESS?

You stopped to pick up a girl along the road. Suddenly she loses consciousness and you took her to the hospital. This is STRESS!

In the hospital, you are told that she is pregnant and the doctor starts congratulating you. You explained that you just met her the first time in your life about 30 minutes ago, but she claimed you are the father of the baby. This is BIG STRESS!

You requested for a DNR analysis and they make it. The doctor told you silently that you can't be a father of any child since you are genetically sterile (genetically cannot produce children). This is a STRESS, combined with a relief.

On your way back home you remembered you have 3 kids.
Who is their father?

This is the REAL STRESS!

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