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Monday, April 21, 2014

Here is an Advice for the gentlemen from my end.
Always have it in mind that;

A queen doesn't want swag; she
wants class.
Learn to have a life, don't live
other people's life.

Most guys don't have a job but
they know all the party joints.
They have been to all the clubs and birthday functions.
They don't read books that can change
their lives. Some don't even have a bank
You can't sleep with all the
girls and go scot free; you can't
waste people's lives and think yours will be spared.
You can't make women cry and think you will always smile. A man reaps exactly what he sows.
Being a 'Big Boy' is not in wearing pencil trousers, sunsha des,holding Blackberry,
iphone, ipad or Galaxy, and then
cross your legs. Being a 'Big Boy' means when there is a need and people are looking for the one who can solve or handle it,you'll be the one. Even
when they call your number and
don't get you, they come home looking 4 you- just like
David (1Sam.16:14-23) .
Being a 'Big Boy' means being RELEVANT and not a LIABILITY!
Use your time to read good books,work
on yourself as an individual-espe cially if you are single, sit with scholars and not people who discuss football as if it's their calling. Be like Jesus who even at the
age of 12 was found seated amongst scholars (Luke.2:42-47). Be with people who want to go somewhere;sit with kings and add value to your life. Your queen should be proud of you and not being laughed at.

Having numerous girlfriends will never
be an achievement. Achieve
and financially.

Never forget also that any man can get a woman but not every man can get a wife.


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