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There Are Prizes That Go With Failure

Monday, April 7, 2014

How many times have you heard people say, "If you fail the first time, try, try again." If you are a budding entrepreneur, you've probably heard it so many times that you want to slap the next person who says it to you.

Certainly a better expression would be "Learn from your mistakes." That's right. Make sure you take something away from your loss or rejection.
And maybe you didn't make any mistakes. Maybe you just need to look at those letdowns as impetus for your next move.

Know Your Product

So your lemonade stand wasn't the hit you thought it'd be. Use this op to expand your knowledge on it. There's pink lemonade and sugar free… suck it up and dig deeper. Become the go-to guy for info on your product. The prize is that next time you will know more and be able to set yourself up better.

The Experience

The fact that you tried now makes you a veteran. It's something to add to your resume. It shows ambition, that you want to make something out of yourself. Who can't appreciate that!

Sense Of Accomplishment

You made an effort and that should give you a sense of accomplishment. So you weren't an overnight success. There are a lot of successful people out there who just used an initial failure or two as stepping stones to the next level.

Character Building

Wow. You did it. You took a chance instead of sitting on your butt waiting to win the Publishing Clearinghouse Giveaway. Don't you feel stronger, wiser and ready to rock n roll again? You got this. You did it once and now know that you have the tools to go at it again.

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