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10 Signs You Were Raised By An Awesome Dad

Saturday, June 27, 2015

We all know father's day was last weekend and we spent a lot of time appreciating our fathers. Well, the truth is, we should learn how to appreciate our fathers for being in our lives everyday.

Great fathers make you secure, strong, and independent and most of all show you what to expect and what to accept from all the men in your life — boyfriends, brothers or even bosses.

In reality, your father's relationship with you, as well as his relationship with your mom, have an enormous influence on your relationships with everyone else you meet.

Jessica Sager of YourTango lists 12 sure signs your dad did an awesome job raising you:

You don't put up with nonsense from guys.

You have no problem being single if it means not settling for a douche-bag.

If you're taken, it's by a guy who adores and respects you.

You can change a tire ... or at least know AAA's number.

He's the first person you call if you're in a jam. You're not worried about him judging you...

... concerned that he'll tell your mom.

Men are terrified to hurt your feelings, because it's not just your wrath they fear.

"Daughters" by John Mayer makes you misty ...

... but you have way too much self-respect to ever date anyone like John Mayer.

Guys know to knock on your door (or at least text you) when they arrive at your place. They'd never even consider honking.

You laugh at dad jokes because you get them.

You have no idea how to work a pole.

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