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Dignity of a Woman, Do Ladies of Todays World Portray It?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ladies of today's world would never seize to amuse me.
 They hold the most expensive phones and because they know the worth of those phones, If you check the phones, they are well covered with a phone- cover. Check the screen, it's well guarded with a screen guard. Some go around with Samsung galaxy Tabs and iPads all well guarded and protected! 

Check even the keys, they are well protected with a keypad protector. But ironically, these ladies walk all over the streets with their bodies well exposed. WHY????... It's either the phones are worth more than your bodies or you are yet to recognize your worth as a woman... So I wish to know; which one is more valuable, The phones, ipads, tabs or your body?

 Your naked body can only attract irresponsible guys who will use your body to satisfy their sexual needs (hit and run) But it will not attract a husband or real man out there, Take it or leave it, that's the bitter truth so re- evaluate and set your priority right.

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