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Project FAME: She Got a NO! years Back and Now she is a Regional Judge (MUST READ)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

As some do say; "NO! is never a END" and trying never mean you lost out, it only mean you learned and that does not stop you from reaching your goal in life.
Ronke Giwa an On Air Personality/ BroadCaster at Splash FM 105.5 FM is an example of this.
She was auditioned as a contestant on Project Fame years back and Now she is a regional judge.
She shared this on one of her social media channels earlier today, and I decided to share with the public, as words like this gives hope to some who think it is finished after trying and things not working out.

Remember the Ludo game?
A game you sometimes roll the dice in search for Double Six but never got it until the game approaches the end?
In a 2 persons game, little wonder how a player who is losing suddenly picks up and win the game.
Since its a 8/8 for the 2, the opponent could have just 2 games left while you have 7 games left and yet you came out victorious.
This is how life works, you not there today doesn't mean you won't be there tomorrow.
Keep throwing that dice until you hit a Double Six.
Remember "NO is never a END"

Share with friends and stay Happy.

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