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Naira In Tears While Dollar Sneers

Thursday, July 23, 2015

From an Investor, Forex trader or Blogger's perspective, the movement of Naira may not matter much as only a few can figure out that, unlike Buyers. The Naira going up is not positive news, on the contrary, it actually means Naira is becoming weaker. 

Been charged N252 per $ for a purchase yesterday isn't a fair one I must say.
-Can't purchase from Amazon or Jam as I used to.
-Can't even purchase apps, have to go with cracks (Apology to developers but I've got no choice)
-Can't upgrade my BBM so as to not pay for services which are free in the old version but paid in the latest version.

All this are happening but bloggers are waiting for their payday while Investors and Fx traders are praying dollar keep rising by the day.
WHY are we enemies to our beloved country to pray for such?
Because of their selfish gain?
This scenario is like an example of one who sells a casket and pray for more sale. What the person is praying for is actually more death.

Many wrongly think that if Naira goes up, it is something good for them not realizing when the Nigerian currency depreciates against any foreign currency, it has many negative impacts from the economic point of view. 

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