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Blogger not Dead, Google Adds HTTPS Support to Secure Blogspot Blogs

Friday, October 30, 2015

 Though most blogger users won't find this literally useful, but reverse is the case for users who have blogs on BlogSpot domain with eCommerce or anything which involves transactions or data recording and needs extra security. 
That security issue always restricts users trust level of data share.  But, now there is good news for all bloggers who are running blogs on the BlogSpot domain as they can now add HTTPS support to their BlogSpot blog. It means now you can easily encrypt your blog and ensure the complete security of your blog. 
 In this article, 1 wills how you how to add HTTPS support to secure your Blogger blog.

Benefits of  Securing Blogger Blog with HTTPS.

HTTPS adds extra security to your blogs by encrypting it. Mostly the hosting companies provide that services to add it with your custom domain e.g; And of course, they will charge you for providing that service.

Blogger is providing you that security encryption for free, but only for blogspot blogs. So, you can enjoy this awesome security for your blogs for free. And, it will let you start every kind of eCommerce or data recording services on your free blogs.

Official Example:

How to Add HTTPS support to your Blogger blog

Now here are the steps which you need to follow in order to add HTTPS support to your blogger blog. Follow the below steps to get it for your blog.

Caution: You will not be able to enjoy this service on your custom domain.

First of all, Sign in to your Blogger and click on the blog you wish to configure. Now Click on Settings from sidebar and go to Basic (by default you will be directed to Basic as landing page, There is no need to click anywhere else). Look for HTTPS Settings, and click on down arrow and select YES. Remember: HTTPS Availability is only for "" domain.

Changes will be saved automatically.
Congratulations, your blog is now encrypted with high security environment best for websites doing business or even blogs.

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