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Check Out Pilatus PC-24: World's First Off-Roading Jet

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pilatus makes heavy-lifting and all-around awesome aircraft. And right now, they're flight testing their latest edition to the fleet: the PC-24. This isn't your typical business jet, and here are 9 reasons why.

1) Unpaved runways and grass strips

The PC-24 can takeoff from unimproved runways - that's almost unheard of for aircraft like this. Most business jets stick to pavement because FOD(Foreign Object Damage) can (and will) destroy their engines.

2) Pallet-sized cargo door

Need to haul big stuff? The PC-24 has a cargo door that can fit a pallet through it. No other business jet comes close.

3) 1,950 nautical mile range

Need to get from New York to 90% of the US on one tank of gas? This jet makes it happen.

4) 45,000 feet

You can get above the weather and catch some major tailwinds at FL450.

5) 30 minute time to climb

You can get to 45,000 feet in a hurry, too.

6) Synthetic vision

The PC-24's Honeywell avionics package helps you see the ground, even when you can't see the ground.

7) Autothrottle

Flying is easier when you aren't constantly adjusting power. Autothrottles let PC-24 pilots spend more time looking at the bigger picture (and out those big windows).

8) 17,650 pound max takeoff weight

The PC-24 can haul nearly 9 tons of airplane and payload into the air.

9) 2,690 foot takeoff roll

This stat is just incredible. With 7,200 pounds of thrust, the PC-24 can get in and out of tight spaces better than any of its competitors. No other business jet has a takeoff roll this short.
(ISA MTOW sea level dry paved runway)

If you had the keys to this jet, where would you take it?

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