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NIBSS Cashless Quest Season 3 Questions and Answers

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) Cashless Quest Season 3 which has been educative, fun and rewarding has come to an end today after a long 22days challenge.
The theme for this Season was called "THE SEARCH FOR THE SHIELD", and 3 winners emerged.

Total prize worth of N300,000.
1st winner goes home with N100,000 cash and a Konga voucher worth N100,000
2nd and 3rd place winners goes home with N50,000 each.

Lots of participants also won airtime of different denominations.
(First Five Correct Answers For Each Level Win Airtime)

Below are recap to the questions and their answers.

Level 1-Question 1: What is the full meaning of CVV?
Clue: Check Behind Your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card
Answer: Card Verification Value

Level 1-Question 2: Place of worship where crocodiles are the beneficiaries of the feasting
Clue: Location:Kebbi State
Answer: Girmache shrine

Level 1-Question 3: The Nigerian financial space has been experiencing a lot of innovations; from social banking to USSD banking. What more will you like to see?
Answer: (Participants are to suggest anything here)

Level 1 Airtime Winners:
1. AJtheGeniuS
2. Chima Oscar
3. Kenechukwu Mbamalu Sylvia
4. Ademola Jumoke
5. Bamidele Folake.

Level 2-Question 1: What is the USSD code to check your BVN number on Mobile phones?
Clue: NONE
Answer: *565*0#

Level 2-Question 2: 7 seven brothers that mourn Day and night we weep, from great heights flows our tears
Clue: Cross river
Answer: Agbokim Waterfalls

Level 2-Question 3: Cash remains the most preferred mode for conducting micro payment transactions. This is because the average Nigerian perceives cash as convenient and inexpensive especially for purchases. In your opinion, in what way can we effectively influence people’s behavior towards adopting e-payment solutions as the preferred mode for payments?
Answer: (Participants are to share their opinion here)

Level 2 Airtime Winners:
1. Fisayo Watti
2. Ifediora Chukwukadibe
3. Oreoluwa Adeyemi
4. Bolaji Afolabi
5. Gerald Chukwu

Level 3-Question 1: How many digits does a BVN number contain?
Clue: NONE
Answer: 11

Level 3-Question 2:  ...reneged from a military assignment to form an independent community.We lie in the cluster of invincible works of art standing raw and gazing innocently at the open sky a community on the rocks at the highest inhabited height know to our kinsmen.
Clue: Edo State
Answer: Somorika

Level 3 Airtime Winners:
1. Oluwakayode Oladunni
2. Popoola Yetunde
3. AJtheGeniuS
4. Chinenye Okafor
5. Asiabaka Daniel Odiraa.

Level 4-Question 1: The Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) of a debit card is made up of how many numbers?
Clue: NONE
Answer: 6

Level 4-Question 2: I stand high and mighty at the gateway yet my image is a means of exchange; a mighty habitat to a great host of guinea fowls.
Clue: Niger state
Answer: Zuma Rock

Level 4 Airtime Winners:
1. AJtheGeniuS
2. Oluwakayode Oladunni
3. Arinze Chinedu
4. Fisayo Watti
5. Uke Obinna

Level 5-Question 1: What is the meaning of MPOS?
Clue: NONE
Answer: Mobile Point of Sale

Level 5-Question 2: carved into the dept of the earth are my walkways, my grounds are holy and around my neck are ten beads, one and only one carries my tears.
Clue: Anambra State
Answer: Ogbunike Cave

Level 5 Airtime Winners:
1. Chinenye Okafor
2. Asiabaka Daniel Odiraa
3. Bolanle Vivian Olowo
4. Chigozie Ezemba
5. Patrick Flowkidz

Level 6-Question 1: What is the meaning of USSD?
Clue: NONE
Answer: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

Level 6-Question 2: I took upon a mysterious figure hoping i will not be discovered, My hidden jewel were unlocked by the granddaughter of a deity, from the 1st to the seventh I flow with beauty know to no man.
Clue: Osun State
Answer: Olumirin Waterfalls

Level 6 Airtime Winners:
1. Patrick Flowkidz
2. Nwachi Henry
3. AJtheGeniuS
4. Arinze Chinedu
5. Salamat Au

Level 7-Question 1: Electronic Payment Terminals are required by regulation to be certified before they are deployed in Nigeria. Which institution is responsible for the certification of payment Terminals in Nigeria?
Clue: NONE
Answer: NIBSS

Level 7-Question 2: Unto a city of pagan was the good news handed, on a pile of tubers was it laid, even the downpour was not enough to make the tablets wet.
Clue: Delta
Answer: Araya

Level 7 Airtime Winners:
1. Arinze Chinedu
2. AJtheGeniuS
3. Funmilayo Afe
4. Abiola Majolagbe
5. Oreoluwa Adeyemi

Level 8-Question 1: For every POS transaction, a merchant pays a MSC to the Acquirer. What is the Meaning of MSC?
Clue: NONE
Answer: Merchant Service Charge

Level 8-Question 2: A wall of unification yet unknown, a fortification built in honour of an Ethiopian queen who sort wisdom.
Clue: Ogun State
Answer: Eredo

Level 8 Airtime Winners:
1. Nwachi Henry
2. Chigozie Ezemba
3. Chinenye Okafor
4. Favour Omenai
5. Owobi Solomon-Egwu

Level 9-Question 1: What is the name of the NIBSS service that allows corporates and MDAs view real-time account balances across different bank account.
Clue: NONE
Answer: Corporate Lounge

Level 9-Question 2: Aged over 1000 years, with the length of a 100 , the throne of mighty gods, perceived as a judgement seat yet seem like the back door to slavery. I lie in ruins from the visit of the slave master.
Clue: NONE
Answer: Long Juju

Level 9 Airtime Winners:
1. Favour Omenai
2. Etekamba Archibong Edet
3. Nwachi Henry
4. Frances Chinomso Ogbu
5. Chinenye Okafor

Level 10-Question 1: The NIBSS account based payment gateway is called?
Clue: NONE
Answer: CentralPay Plus

Level 10-Question 2: Birthed by four different parents, my lineage traced to the high lands of Kagoro. I flow from heights higher than the Heights of 20 men, I am surrounded by a rainbow of mystery
Clue: NONE
Answer: Matsirga Waterfalls

Level 10 Airtime Winners:
1. Favour Omenai
2. Etekamba Archibong Edet
3. Nwachi Henry
4. Frances Chinomso Ogbu
5. Chinenye Okafor

Level 11-Question 1 (Final Question)A testimony of a reincarnated warrior of the great high line.
Clue: Ondo
Answer: Igbara-Oke Petroglyphs

Grand Winners Selection: Users were told to Draw one of the petroglyps found at the last treasure location on a sheet of paper. And Post the picture of their drawing on either their Facebook page under the post #Ihavefoundtheshield or twitter handle with #Ihavefoundtheshield. The 1st 3 people are the winners. 

Grand Winners:
1st place Ola Dunni (Twitter Handle: @BRANDENDORSERng) 
2nd place Kaycee French (Twitter Handle: @ethanbrookej) 
3rd place AJtheGeniuS (Twitter Handle: @knowAJ)

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